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We are on the road full time.  Follow us
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Tassie Adventure

Devonport to Mackay

Mackay to Dubbo via the Hunter and Eastern Creek Raceway

We follow the Darling River - Dubbo to Broken Hill, 'cause the car got its way

From Broken Hill to a taste of life on the Murray at Cobram

"Headlights On"
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Are you a "Grey Nomad"? 

Working your way around Australia on a working holiday or as a life style? 

Are you thinking about venturing into either life style in the near future?

Welcome to No Boundaries.  This site is for you, the travellers of our great and varied continent - Australia. No Boundaries is endeavouring to cover the lifestyle of those who travel Australia.  You might be doing this now or it may be in your future goals. If you are in the planning stage, keep focused, hold on to your vision, and don't let opportunities slip away - we cannot live forever.  

No Boundaries welcome the thoughts, anecdotes and advice of those who are experiencing the privilege of long-term caravan or mobile home travel within Australia.  This site is not just for the so called "Grey Nomads".  It is for all of us who long to be free of the hassles of both socially imposed and self imposed boundaries to 'letting go' and finding our own unique adventures waiting for us out there.  Embrace in your imagination the freedom of not needing to be anywhere at any particular time!  The opportunity to choose to mix or glimpse with such a variety of people and places at whim.  If you're not out there already, through this site, join in with those who know that the horizon does not finish when the sun goes down, that Australia has No Boundaries and there are No Boundaries to the possibilities.

Wonder what it would be like to pack up and go?  This site is dedicated to that wonder (wonder lust that is).  We have created a forum for those personal travel experiences that you can't necessarily get in  a travel magazine - also a point for social gathering of like-minded people who don't stand still, but still want to be connected and share relevant news and views with other 'friends' of the road.  This is regardless of what distance this grand land of Australia puts between us. We can still talk!  

As a living site, No Boundaries is updated regularly but you will find this a simple no fuss site, as it is being designed with the cost of wireless, satellite, mobile and STD connections in mind.  No fancy stuff, just convenience.

Lyn and I have left full time jobs and our families to experience life on the road.  Many people have said "have a great holiday".  We prefer to think it more as a "lifestyle".  We would like to share our experiences and it would be our pleasure to take and spread your contributions and build this site.  If you have a service or product you wish to advertise on this site, we welcome you to contact us


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The Original "Mud Map"!!???

We are researching information that is helpful to other travellers that for some reason is difficult to find on the internet or should be made public as a community service.  Should you be aware of a subject or information that we can research, please e-mail us details or background that will get us started. 

Do let us know what you think about our site.  If you do have experiences or info to share, anything that you feel will benefit other travellers, (or would-be travellers) please feel free to send it to us.  No Boundaries will spread the word.  

Pat and John B. were the inspiration for us to build No Boundaries.  They lived this lifestyle and did so for over ten years.  We thank them for their encouragement.

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