No  Boundaries  

Pardoo Woes
Pat & John B

We decided to go fishing
Out at Pardoo Creek today,
With good friends Dave and Glenys, John and I lead the way.

John and Dave are always stiring
'Cause it's much more fun that way
So nothing any different
On this pretty windy day,

With their radios on 40,
They could have a little chat,
And we watched two Wedge Tail Eagles
And a roo having a spat,

When Dave called out to John,
" I have a problem I must solve"
Something very minor has caused, My car to just stop cold,

"Don't worry too much Dave
It'll be alright you know
Worst come to worst
I can give you a tow".

"Not in a million years my friend" Dave said forcefully,
"I'll get this little blighter going 
Just  you wait and see"

As Dave tried to fix his engine Working oh so furiously,
Other cars were stopping by,
To see what they could see

At one stage a crowd had gathered
Asking just what had gone wrong, Dave just wanted to escape
This nosy little throng.



With reluctance it was dawning, Dave started to feel sick,
As he realised his million years Had really passed so quick.

As the tow rope was applied
John was laughing with glee, Taking photos of Daves' plight
For all their friends to see

As we towed him back to camp
Dave was trying to stay cool,
As John stirred him something fierce "The things you do to save some fuel!!"

You may think the story's ended
Huh....not in a million years,
Cause two days later on the beach Dave's giving three big cheers

John went to start his motor
But his battery was flat,
His puzzled look said it all
How the f--- did I do that?

Daves first words were priceless
"Get the camera please,
I"ll put the tow rope on it John
And bring you to your knees!!"

"Hang on Dave, don't need that yet, You're trying to jump the fence,
I've got a dry cell battery"
John said with confidence

But nothing seemed to work
They tried everything you know,
But still the car just sat there
And did not want to go.

"The tow rope John" Dave shouted Rubbing his hands with glee,
But John still wasn't giving in
At least not easily,

"One last thing to try here Dave" Two sets of jumper leads.
My car has got two batteries
So I'm sure it will succeed."

Reluctantly, Dave put them on,
The car started start away,
And Dave's' chance to be a towey Was over for the day.

Well Dave just watched and waited,
And it didn't take too long
To write the grand finale,
To this funny little song.

Cause on the beach one arvo,
Johns' car was near afloat,
As he tried to pull the trailer
To retrieve a heavy boat.

As Dave went to get his Rangie He was as happy as he could be And he towed out the Toyota From the surging of the sea.

The moral of this story?
Just watch how much you jest,
If you're going to stir somebody Better wear a bullet proof vest.

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