Calling all Aussie Road Travellers

No Boundaries mission is to comprehensively gather, network and pass on ideas and information relevant to anyone who is either part of our Australian road-travelling community, or for those in the throes of planning their escape.

Working your way around Australia?

Our adventures on the road, have largely been financed by finding work in an ever-extending trail of places and work situations as we travel throughout Australia.

We now proudly launch our E-book:

Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer   
Confidently rove and fund your lifestyle while on the road

Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer has been written from our own experiences, and the knowledge gained from like-minded travellers over the last six years.

Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer is a comprehensive easy-read guide with 130 illustrated pages covering a wide-range of relevant topics, along with extensive resource lists on information including –

  • Making the break
  • Your ‘multi-employabilitymindset
  • Ideas on how and where to look for work
  • Claiming your trip as a tax deduction
  • Practical budgeting for on the road
  • Accommodation                                                                    
  • Communication    

As an adjunct to Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer, we have included some information and companion tools that may assist you in working your way around Australia on this website.

$1.00 from every sale of ‘Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer’ will be donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service


Travel an Australian highway any time of the year, and you are bound to cross paths with RVs of various sizes and combinations. Travel any Australian highway and any little-known back-road from  April to September, and you’re likely to see masses of them.

Recent statistics tell us that a collective 5 million nights plus is spent by RV travellers and campers in transit somewhere in Australia each year. International travellers and short-term holiday-makers aside, Australia has an ever-increasing community of people at all ages and stages, who are making trekking around the country either full, or part-time.

We are not sure what it says about our collective psyche –a want to assert our independence – and as our forebears did, keep pushing on towards another new destination. With enough determination, and a plan put into motion, we make our own opportunities, choose our own style of home on wheels and just drive on out there, as far as our heart’s content.

Australia has nigh on 8 million square kilometres of back-yard to explore.  There are many different angles to marvel at it from.  Without sounding too cliché – ‘We are one vast lucky country!

A chance meeting

Our want to ‘one day’ travel around Australia, got a shake-up after a chance meeting with some long-term caravanners who had been travelling throughout Australia for over seven years. The time spent with them did something to kick-start our motivation. We were captivated by their ‘boundless’ stories of places and experiences. We were mind-boggled by the fact that their enthusiasm for the lifestyle showed no signs of waning.

That meeting was in 2001, and thereafter we began lots of information gathering, networking and research on how we could turn our own dreams of travelling Australia into a reality.  It seemed wasteful of us not to share what we had learnt.  With the guidance of some IT savvy friends, Kym taught himself the basis of the language of HTML, and in April 2002, the first version of our ‘No Boundaries’ website was uploaded.

It took almost a decade to grow our teenagers to the point of seeing them off with ‘nil-return’ policies to each of their respective partners. Satisfied we had that stage of our life complete, in 2011, we drove out of our suburban driveway, well and truly ready to start our own Australian road travel adventure.  Fast-forward, and here we are in our seventh year on the road.  As for our stories and experiences – we wouldn’t trade them for the world!

This lifestyle is not for everyone – it has passed the test for us, and judging by the large company we keep, it’s passed the trial for many others as well.

‘Say G’day’

There are many forums for information helpful to our Australian RV community – our contribution is offered in the hope that it will prove useful, and also to further extend that ‘over the steering wheel’ wave a little further to say  ‘G’day….. we hope the trip goes well for you in every way possible.’

Kym and Lyn


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