Claim your trip around Australia as a tax deduction


traveling worker bookletAre you aware that there could be tax advantages as you work and travel around Australia?  No Boundaries has been long associated with BAN TACS who developed the booklet Claim your Trip Around Australia as a Tax Deduction – available from No Boundaries online store as a free download

This booklet explains the tax rulings that can apply to travelling workers.  Other free downloadable resources are also available to assist your record keeping.  You are encouraged to download, read, print and even take a copy to your accountant to instigate some dialogue about how they may apply to your individual  circumstances.  BAN TACS also has a network of 13 independently owned tax accountants located across 4 Australian states. 

VERY IMPORTANT – You are not on a ‘working holiday’.  You are a travelling worker.  The ATO will NOT accept claims from working holiday-makers. This and more is explained in our eBook, Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer’.

Too good to be true?

It may sound too good to be true, but there is an ATO precedent that allows for some travel, accommodation and living expenses to be claimed against your tax in certain circumstances.  Once the stringent criteria from the ATO have been met, there are some requirements of you.  Your main requirement is ‘self discipline’.  Without this personal attribute, you may find this a very ‘taxing’ (pardon the pun) exercise.  Maintaining the required details and records on a day to day basis is a necessary chore. The good news is that the more you familiarise yourself with the process, it does become easier.  At the end of the tax year, it will also be easier for your accountant to make your claims.

What’s in Be an Australian Nomad Adventurer?

In our eBook, we cover many topics relating to work and travel around Australia, and we reinforce from our layman’s perspective, what you need to know, and how you might go about qualifying to claim some of your travelling expenses.  So what can you expect to find on this topic?  We discuss –

  • Your home base
  • A web of work places
  • Record-keeping
  • Home away from home
  • Meeting the ‘reasonability’ test
  • Zone tax offsets

What are the free to download Record-keeping forms?

You will also find the following free to download companion forms on this topic in our Online Store. The Notes are designed to answer FAQ, and the form templates will help take the hard work out of finding ways to record the information that the ATO will require.  

  • Notes for completing travel records
  • Travelling Workers Receipt Diary
  • Travelling Workers Travel Records Schedule


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